Entrepreneurship and Sustainability International Webinar, Hosted Collaboration Between UIN SGD Bandung and UIN Sultan Kasim Riau

Bandung-Riau (Thursday, November 4th, 2021)
UIN SGD Bandung and UIN Sultan Kasim Riau (SUSKA) was collaborating in held International Webinar with topic : Entrepreneurship and Sustainability on Thursday, November 4th, 2021. The Speaker were Prof Hadi Susanto, from Department of Mathematics, Khalifa University and Prof. Dr. Eng. Suhono Harso Supangkat from Institut Teknologi Bandung. On the opening speech, Dr. Hj. Hasniah Aliah, said that she was happy with this collaboration between Faculty Science, UIN SUSKA Riau and UIN SGD Bandung. This webinar topic also very related with our country condition. “An issue of sustainable development is still important issue to discuss on various occasions. We realize that studies and research that contribute to sustainability development are contribute to the people’s live. Therefore, we invited an expert speaker in sustainability area, Prof Hadi and Prof. Suhono:, said Dr. Hasniah Aliah.
Prof. Hadi presented about “Bloom and Pattern in Phytoplankton Model”. By know the modelling of phytoplankton blooming, we also can reduce the global warming effect. Phytoplankton was eaten by microzooplankton was eaten by Copepods. Microzooplankton produce DMS, which is useful to reduce global warming effect. So, blooming of phytoplankton also influence global warming effects. Meanwhile, Prof. Suhono presented about Smart City Model. Smart city means digitalisation the city. Smart city includes smart economy, smart environment, and smart society. All of these components can be reach by supporting governance and society.
Those two topics are related to sustainable development and one of the way to achieve it.(EPU-FST)

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